What Is A The BrickKicker Commercial Inspection?

A The BrickKicker Commercial Inspection is not like any other commercial inspection being performed.  A The BrickKicker inspection is much more then that…it is an experience.

First, The BrickKicker has been performing commercial inspections for over 30 years.  We have developed a process that is similar to one that has been proven successful on the residential side and adapted it to the commercial side.  It is one of being a consultant.  It is one where our goal is to provide the information so our clients can purchase their buildings intelligently.

Secondly, some inspectors and inspection companies focus on standards that are insurance to bank driven where The BrickKicker focuses on a standard, COMSoP by the Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association, which focuses on the client and their needs.  The COMSoP is written to provide a fair and accurate inspection and report in language that is simple with a product that is reproducible.  Our clients have commented on how smooth the inspection process was and how much information they gleaned for the process.

A The BrickKicker inspection is never just the identification of what is “wrong” with a building but it is also what is “right” with the building and consulting advice as needed.  There are very few questions a client could ask that the inspector would not be able to help with.

Consider your The BrickKicker inspection whenever you are looking for a superior commercial inspection.