Monthly Archives: April 2022

What about a lease?

Should you have an inspection before you enter into a lease?  Absolutely yes!  This especially true if you are entering into a triple-net or modified triple-net lease. This type of least places the maintenance and potential replacement of certain capital items upon the responsibility of the tenant.  Imagine entering into a lease of a 35… Read more »

Loading Docks

The inspection of manufacturing, industrial, or some office spaces, often include a loading dock feature. This is the means for which deliveries flow to and from the building. Industrial or shipping buildings could have dozens of docks spread across the building campus. A professional commercial building inspector has to have an understanding of how a… Read more »

Price over Quality?

Too many times a client will call up and immediately want to know how much the Building Inspection is going to be instead of asking about the service that will be offered.  Why is that?  Is this a service or a commodity? The BrickKicker commercial building is inspection goes well beyond the basic commodity and… Read more »