Price over Quality?

Too many times a client will call up and immediately want to know how much the Building Inspection is going to be instead of asking about the service that will be offered.  Why is that?  Is this a service or a commodity?

The BrickKicker commercial building is inspection goes well beyond the basic commodity and is truly a consulting service.  Each inspection begins well before driving up to the property address.  The inspection begins with a thorough interview of the client and their specific expectations and needs.  Not all commercial building inspections are alike and so this interview can set the stage of what the client needs or desires but also what fees will be associated with that service.

When you hire a specialist, like The BrickKicker, you re getting an inspection provided by an experienced inspector that has undergone a rigorous training program and completed 100’s of commercial inspections.  Most home inspectors will perform a few commercial type inspections every year but our team will perform 100’s of inspections annually.

So, rather than asking how much does the inspection cost consider asking how much experience does the inspector have.  Let experience help guide you to the best commercial property inspection possible.