Monthly Archives: August 2021

Electric Safety

Some might think walk in or accessing a roof is the least safe element of a commercial property inspection.  While the roof can be dangerous the single most unsafe element of a commercial building inspection is the electric. If you are a “residential inspector” you are used to having services of 60 to 200 amps. … Read more »

Exit Signs and Lighting

While inspecting any existing building these elements are typically already present and looking for them is something that is typically excluded through contract and agreement or through omission but these are very important elements that should be part of every inspection.  Because they are excluded they are often overlooked during the inspection process. Before inspecting… Read more »

The Interview

Why is the commercial client interview so important? What is the commercial client interview? Unlike the residential inspection the commercial inspection is not a cookie cutter experience. For most, the commercial inspection is a unique event. Typically, no two buildings or building inspections are alike. This is why the interview is so important. A commercial… Read more »

The Consultant

Not every commercial client is a seasoned veteran.  Everyone has to make a first time purchase at one point in a business lifecycle.  These are some of our favorite clients. When The BrickKicker started performing commercial property inspections 30 years ago the process was mostly academic and the clients were not part of the process. … Read more »

Roof Type

Commercial buildings have the opportunity to have several different types of roof materials installed on the properties.  Each material has a different life span expectation and maintenance requirement.  Here are two: Modified Bit Roof The older style or norm is to place a Modified Bitumen.  This style of roof is technically referred to as torch-down… Read more »