Roof Type

Commercial buildings have the opportunity to have several different types of roof materials installed on the properties.  Each material has a different life span expectation and maintenance requirement.  Here are two:

Modified Bit Roof


The older style or norm is to place a Modified Bitumen.  This style of roof is technically referred to as torch-down roofing or rubberized asphalt.  It is composed of polymer-modified bitumen that is saturated in a fabric coating.  This is type is typically. two layers and the surface resembles a tabbed shingle found on residential construction.

A TPO is a flexible PVC material that maintains a somewhat flexible and rubbery surface.

The older style Mod. -Bit roof has a life cycle expectation of 15 – 20 years while a TPO can last between 35  – 50 years.  A Mod-Bit requires periodica coating attention and degrades with ultraviolet light while the TPO does not require any maintenance other than keeping it clear of debris.

The cost for a Mod-Bit roof is about $3.00 – $5.00 per square foot while a TPO can be $8.00 to $10.00 per square foot.  Given the length of time and the maintenance levels why would you not look at a TPO roof?

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