The Consultant

Not every commercial client is a seasoned veteran.  Everyone has to make a first time purchase at one point in a business lifecycle.  These are some of our favorite clients.

When The BrickKicker started performing commercial property inspections 30 years ago the process was mostly academic and the clients were not part of the process.  They would receive a written report and have to disseminate the information on their own.  Over the past five years The BrickKicker has evolved this process into a true consultative experience.

This was achieved largely through using the Certified Commercial Property Inspector Association (CCPIA)  standards of practice and bookending it with our vast experience.   The result was a client experience that is second to none.

It is our goal to provide the highest level of customer / client involvement throughout the entire inspection.  This gives the clients the intimate knowledge necessary to not only purchase the building but in many cases to manage and maintain the building.  If the client was only to read a finished sterile report they do not have the same context as when they were there to touch and see the building or issues.

Now that being said, not all clients have the ability or desire to attend the inspections.  This is why we have created a report that is visual and balanced.  The report will not only inventory the building and components but visually define the issues as to importance or severity.

Please contact us and we would be honored to help you purchase you new building or property intelligently.