Welcome to The BrickKicker Commercial BLOG

The BrickKicker has been providing Commercial Building inspections for almost all of it’s 32 years of operation.  Being a multi-inspector firm there was always someone on staff with the experience or expertise to provide this service to our clients.

In 2016 we saw a need in the industry to not only build a new separate division that solely focuses on Commercial Building inspections but also to help shape the industry.  The inspection industry is fractured and extremely competitive.  There is a lack of industry leadership and consequently there really is not a clear focus on what the client needs out of a commercial inspection.

We looked at this as our opportunity to craft a product that will provide our clients with a superior inspection experience and a report that is a product they can use in whatever capacity is needed.  Some clients will use our reports for negotiations while others might use it for information only.

How we treat the client and the inspection experience is one of our industry separators.  Most of our clients have gone through the process of purchasing residential properties and they understand how that works.  A home inspector walks through the home and will give them a report that lists the issues and the inspector might also spend time talking about maintenance and the various systems in the home.  The BrickKicker took that same philosophy and morphed it into our Commercial Building inspection process.  We encourage our clients to attend our inspections.  We enjoy talking about their buildings or projects while providing analysis and a consultative approach.  Our goal will always be to provide our clients the opportunity to purchase their properties intelligently.

For years the commercial inspection industry has focused on a standard created by the ASTM.  This standard was written by engineers and does not exactly provide a standard of practice to perform a commercial inspection but rather how the report should be laid out.  The Certified Commercial Property Inspector Association (CCPIA) has created a standard that puts the clients needs and expectations first a foremost and produced a standard that is clear and concise.  This is the standard which we have adopted.

We have partnered with the CCPIA and through this collaboration The BrickKicker has become a resource to the industry.  We have provided intermediate and advanced training for the organization and we have authored several articles published on their membership website.  We look forward to a long productive relationship.

The BrickKicker Commercial Building inspection division has been expanding a growing year after year since our launch in 2016.  We look forward to our team expansions and helping more and more clients with their building purchases.  This BLOG will help us communicate to our clients and we will also talk about interesting projects and experiences.  Please feel free to ask us questions or give us ideas of topics you would like us to discuss.  We are always available at commercial@brickkicker.com.