In a recent stay at a National hotel brand I got to see poor weatherproofing first hand.  It is monsoon season in the desert and it rained everyday.  When it rains the water from the upper floors migrates through the concrete seams to the lower floors.  This migration cannot be good for the structural components and there is also the ponding water.  This ponding water does not have the opportunity to dry out because it rains every day.  This water only gets to sit on the concrete and slowly soak into the various cavities and openings.

The standing water is dangerous to any pedestrians walking on the concrete.  This is slippery and, if deep enough, a huge annoyance.

The water is migrating through the poorly sealed joint and coming through on a lower floor.  This is rusting the structural elements and degrading the concrete.  There is steel in the the columns that is not visible.  One would have to anticipate some from of water entry into that cavity as well.


Existing buildings require periodic maintenance and attention.  Reviewing and sealing the various joints is a critical element to that maintenance.  Resculpting the slope of the concrete is difficult but some attention to the slope to prevent ponding can be achieved.

Our inspections spend time reviewing the weatherproofing.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.   888-339-5425.