Vent Stack Inspection

A sewer camera inspection can be much more than placing a camera into the sewer line and looking for issues.  Many building owners should think beyond the traditional sewer inspection and consider going down vent stacks from the roof.

A camera could be placed in a plumbing vent stack.  This is very important in multi-family residential properties.  These properties are often older and have had years of tenant activity.  This activity, along with the wear and age of the building, can cause the older cast iron stack pipes to shift, crack or wear out.

You might not locate an issue with the stack pipe until it is too late.  Signs it is too late might include constant moisture in the lower levels or basements, bad smells and a consistent foul odor in the common areas and basements, and also include loose fixtures.

Regardless of the signs the true investigative measure to attempt to locate these issues would be to place a traditional sewer camera in the stack pipe on the roof and video down through the entire sewer system.

It is better to purchase your properties knowing and understanding all of the system rather then partially identifying the issues.  The BrickKicker can help with this service and will be there to make sure you purchase your properties intelligently.